Jacqueline Bracamontes and Jaime Camil have a run-in in NY; she sends him a message

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New York, USA.- Last Monday, May 17, the former actress of Televisa, Jacqueline bracamontes Y Jaime Camilthey had a tremendous clash in the turn it up red carpet. These are the facts.

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It was the year 2008 when Jaime Camil, Valentino Lanus and Jacqueline Bracamontes participated in the romantic comedy, fools don’t go to heavenwhere the actor of For her I’m eva and the actress of Sortilege they shone for their ‘love/hate’ dynamic.

Yes, these two celebrities did not do dumbbells again, they did remain engraved in the hearts of the Televisa audience. On the other hand, it seems that the actors took great care of each other, a fact that they showed on the red carpet of Telemundolast weekend, where both met again in New York.

I met the plastic doctor, Jaime Camil, who was not dead… he was partying,” Bracamontes began to describe on his official Twitter account. Instagram

On the other hand, the actress stressed that she follows the career of the also voice actorsince I wish you success in the authorized bioseries of Vicente Fernandez, The kingwhich will be broadcast on Netflix in the next dates.

Good luck in your new project ‘El Rey’, it will surely be a success, congratulations!” said the actress

Sources: Instagram @jackybrv