Jacques Legros worried about the state of health of Marie-Sophie Lacarreau: “I want her to heal”

Jacques Legros had been so moved by presenting the 1 p.m. news at the announcement of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. They had indeed worked together in the same department for 24 years now. So many years that had allowed the current presenter of the JT to become familiar with the profession. This is also what had decided the management of TF1 to entrust him with the reins of the show pending the return of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau. The latter has indeed been forced to temporarily withdraw from the circuit because of certain health problems that she must resolve. As a result, the date of his return has not yet been set.

Jacques Legros worried about his colleague

One thing is certain, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is doing absolutely everything to get back on her feet quickly. Jacques Legros thus revealing that she was as worried about the members of the TF1 JT team as they were for her. Something to show how united this team is. This disease certainly allows Jacques Legros to stay longer in his seat, far from the current presenter of the program to wish him harm.

On the contrary, all he wants right now is for her to finally recover from this particularly debilitating illness of which she had been the victim. Jacques Legros thus to recall the fact that Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was only to be absent for two weeks. The period during which he had been on the air had therefore been considerably extended.

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