Jacques Martin “dejected”: this humiliation that he experienced very badly

This Wednesday, May 4, Paris Premiere broadcast the documentary Jacques Martin: behind your applause. In parallel with his career as an animator, the television man also tried his hand at the cinema, but he did not, unfortunately for him, only know success. Back on this humiliation that he experienced badly …

Jacques Martin is a man with a complex personality. After a particularly difficult childhood, the ex of Cécilia Attias wanted to exist. To be known and recognized. In parallel with his television career, the former host of The School of Fans wanted try his hand at the cinema, like his friend Jean Yanne. “When Jean Yanne started to make successes in the cinema, it is there where he said to himself: ‘he is stronger than me’. He wanted to do the same and he wrote a film“, told Danièle Evenou in the documentary Jacques Martin: behind your applause, broadcast this Wednesday, May 4 on Paris Première. After landing roles in films by Claude Lelouch or Claude Berri, he tried to go further. In the early 1970s, he thus written and produced N / A !, which does not have didn’t really have the desired effect on the public.

As for Petipatapon, it’s a complete failure“, noted the voice-over of the documentary. Danièle Evenou, who was in a relationship with him at the time, saw him “beaten down“: “The film was a total flop. He was unhappy. My God, how he was humiliated…“, remembered the actress. A malaise which will also translate into song: “It’s raining on my glasses, I can’t see very well anymore, I must look stupid, I can’t feel your hand anymore. It’s raining on my glasses, talk about terrible weather. It’s raining on my glasses, or else I’m sad…“, sang the former rival of Nicolas Sarkozy following this blow.

A discomfort he was trying to hide

On television sets, Jacques Martin, who was nevertheless devastated“by these professional failures, has always “gave the change“, at least in public, as specified by the voice-over of this documentary broadcast this Wednesday, May 4 on Paris Première: “Our business is a succession of successes and failures and if we only went from success to success, we would become dangerously mad. It is necessary that, from time to time, we take a kick in the ass. It gives you pause and it reminds you that you are only a man“, then declared the television man, who died in 2007, in archive images revealed by our colleagues. In private, it was another matteras evidenced by his ex-girlfriend Danièle Evenou…

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