Jacques Perrin: who is his widow, Valentine, whom he married nearly thirty years ago?

This Thursday, April 21, Jacques Perrin died at the age of 80. He leaves behind his wife, Valentine, also in love with television and cinema.

This Thursday, April 21, Jacques Perrin died at the age of 80as his relatives announced: “The family has the immense sadness to inform you of the disappearance of the filmmaker Jacques Perrin, who died on Thursday April 21 in Paris. He passed away peacefully at the age of 80”, can we read in a press release sent to AFP. He leaves behind his wife, Valentine, who loved him all his life. If in 1995 the two lovebirds married, they had known each other for a long time. In charge of the production of the show The 25th houre broadcast on France 2, husband and wife shared this love for television but also for cinema.

Indeed, Valentine Perrin has produced many feature films such as The Wolf and the Lion in 2021, Mia and the Lion in 2016 or Modern Loveeight years earlier. She will also have three beautiful children : Mathieu Simonet, born from a previous relationship, Maxence Perrin and Lancelot Perrin. The three toddlers have also embarked on a film career, like the second, present in the film The chorists, alongside his father. A successful director, Jacques Perrin also enjoyed playing certain roles, as he mentioned to Gala in 2008 : “I played a lot. But that goes back to another time, at the time of Sarah Bernhardt or Mounet-Sully”he explained.

Jacques Perrin: “I have fewer proposals”

But Jacques Perrin admitted without shame that he was then much less in demand as a director : “I have fewer proposals. People may have thought that, as a producer, I no longer had the desire to play, when that’s not true. I’m just doing something complementary. And I I still have so much attraction, will, dream, I would even say that at times I might miss not being an actor. It’s one of the most beautiful ways of living, all the same!


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