Jada Pinkett-Smith lives with alopecia, so she sent a message about self-love and acceptance – Nueva Mujer

Since a couple of years Jada Pinkett-Smith She has become a personality of the networks, which she uses to carry messages of self-love and female empowerment, thus captivating millions of Internet users who have begun to see her as an example to follow in order to lead a happier life and in peace.

Jada has always proven to be a sincere woman, who has no problem talking about her personal conflicts or holding back when giving advice to others, especially those who seek comfort in the complicated world in which we live. Now, it is her turn to deal with a complicated problem.

Jada Pinkett-Smith battles alopecia

Pinkett-Smith was born in Baltimore, Maryland, from an early age he showed some interest in the arts, but it would not be until the 90’s that he would have great success. After her participation in the movies “Menace II Society” in 1993 and “Set It” Off in 1996, her popularity would skyrocket, leading her to get the big role of her career.

Jada is best known for the actress in charge of bringing Niobe to life in the second and third installments of the Matrix saga, in addition to her acclaimed performance in the movie “Alí”, where she shared the screen with her husband Will Smith, who curiously rejected the role. of Neo in the first Matrix in the late 90s.

Jada has recently broken her silence regarding a health problem that has been plaguing her recently, but which, for anyone in show business, could be fatal to her career. Through a short video on her Instagram account, the “Madagascar” actress has revealed that she suffers from alopecia.

Alopecia is abnormal hair loss, which is why the term is considered a synonym for baldness. For hundreds of years, female alopecia has been a very complicated subject to deal with in society and in some cases even taboo. But it seems that Jada Pinkett-Smith has already made peace with her condition.

In the video you can see the actress wearing a shaved haircut and showing an area where her hair has begun to fall out without growing back, she does this with laughter and always with a smile on her face, along with the video writes: “Me and my alopecia are going to be friends”.

Jada Pinkett-Smith gives a great message of self-love by publicly accepting her alopecia

In the text that accompanies the video, the actress also took the opportunity to leave a funny joke “Mom will have to lower her hair to a minimum so they don’t think she had brain surgery or something like that.” The publication soon became a sensation among its 10 million followers, already adding almost 2 million views.

“Everyone knows that I have been dealing with alopecia for a long time, but now, all of a sudden, look at this line, look at this” Said the actress while pointing to the area of ​​her head where her hair has stopped growing.