Jaime Camil eats Carlos Rivera’s errand, dresses as a charro and sings “Remember me”

Jaime Camil eats Carlos Rivera’s errand, dresses as a charro and sings “Remember me”, proudly showing his love for Mexico and his great talent. Although we will soon see him giving life to the great Vicente Fernández, the actor of “La Fea más Bella” He was one of the luxury guests at the event that celebrated musical creators Kristen and Bobby López.

Most excited, Jaime Camil shared in networks details of his presentation at the famous Carnegie Hall, a place reserved for the best of the arts in New York. Camil sang with a live orchestra and looked most gallant wearing the traditional charro suit, something that is no longer strange for him after star in the series that we will soon see on Netflix about the unforgettable Charro de Huentitán.

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“I have no words to express my emotion and gratitude. Yesterday I sang “Remember me” from “COCO” wearing a charro suit at the iconic Carnegie Hall”, shared Jaime Camil in networks.

In social networks there was no lack of comparisons with Carlos Rivera, who performed the commercial version of the same song and who turned it into a hymn for loved ones who have gone to the afterlife, but they stressed that this was a special participation and that both Carlos and Jaime Camil gave their own stamp to the song.

Angélica Vale was one of the first to congratulate Jaime Camilbecause after having starred together in the Mexican version of “Yo soy Betty… la fea”, they formed a great friendship. Other colleagues also showed their support for Camil, who has shown how talented Mexicans are.

Jaime Camil triumphs abroad celebrates Mexico

After his participation in musical theater with great works such as “Chicago” and the success he had with the character of “Rogelio de la Vega” in the series “Jane the Virgin”, Jaime Camil He became one of the most recognized Mexican actors in the United States.

Although in Mexico he had achieved success with soap operas such as “My destiny is you”, “Wood Woman” and “The most beautiful ugly”Jaime Camil practically restarted his professional career in the United States and now works in series, movies and more, proudly showing the discipline and talent of Mexicans.

Accompanied by his wife and children, Jaime Camil He is part of a new generation that has shown the best of Mexican talent, including Omar Chaparro, Eugenio Derbez and more.

For now, Jaime Camil sHe is still one of the most loved and admired Mexican actors, which is why his followers celebrate the success of all his collaborations.

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