Jaime Camil steals sighs with a new trend and makes more than one faint with his physical attractiveness – Nueva Mujer

jamie camil has been conquering the mexican television with his different starring roles in soap operas that have led him to catapult himself as one of the great gallants.

In each of his productions he managed to capture the attention with his charisma, his talent and especially with his physical attractiveness, falling in love with a whole generation that grew up watching him in melodramas like Fools don’t go to heaven and for her I am Eva.

Now, to your 49 years, he continues to shoot hearts with his much more mature appearance and his gray hair that makes him look even more manly.

Jaime Camil conquers with his new trend

The Mexican left his country to continue growing professionally, which has led him to carry out different films and rub shoulders with different celebrities such as Justin Bieber, with whom he was seen sharing in an American football game.

Recently, he shone with his performance as The Charro of Huentitan in the Netflix series The King, Vicente Fernandez and now he conquers social networks with his postcards, videos and even some fashion trends. TikTok.

camil he was filled with praise when he appeared watching a video of two girls who fainted when they saw him on one of his postcards from a few years ago and one from today, even in the samples of affection and admiration reminded him of some of his characters.

“My lifelong crush! Since I saw you in the movie 7 Days!”; “Sometimes I think that we are Licenciado Camil and I against the world”; “My forever crush 😏 from Don Fernando”; “Jaime Camil has always been precious,” commented some Internet users.

The actor has formed a family with Heidi Balvanera and his sons: Helena and Jamie and every once in a while he takes a few glimpses of his family life on their social networks.