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It counts everything. The singer Jair Mendoza referred to his recent break with the sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia in the program “Love and Fire”.

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The musician confessed that his relationship with the popular “Patrona” was kept secret for months until they had no choice but to make it known after being “protected” in Punta Cana. After making themselves known, the conflicts between the producer Sergio George began and the sauce boat

“Your personal life you decide how you handle it, but I think that neither she nor I imagined that things would reach this point,” Mendoza said.

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Likewise, the presenter Rodrigo González questioned him why his courtship would end so quickly after going public. “It’s a relationship without any basis,” he said.

“We just talked about it because I saw her very uneasy. (…) Sometimes things don’t happen the way you want them to. Personally, I do not agree, for me personal life has nothing to do with the professional one, “said the singer.

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Sergio George was upset with Yahaira Plasencia for confirming a relationship with Jair Mendoza

This was stated by the musical entrepreneur in an exclusive interview for the program ‘America Today’, where he specified that he did not know of the relationship between Yahaira and Jair.

“It was very easy if I knew about this before… This is a bit complicated. This is a business. One is in constant evaluation. What I don’t like is creating news, for the sake of creating news. It seems to me like I’m looking for news. I sell music, I don’t sell gossip or scandals. My credibility is going down the floor, ”said Sergio George annoyed.