Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a «Prophet» superhero

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal will become the superhero “John Prophet” in his next film. As a super soldier, he is looking for his next mission.

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  • Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal (40, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Spider-Man: Far From Home”) becomes a superhero as “John Prophet” in a comic book adaptation.

This story will stand out in the comic world as a gripping, emotional and visually special film, said Jeff Robinov, head of “Studio 8”, the industry journal “Hollywood Reporter”.

The cartoon character created in the 1990s comes from the pen of the illustrator Rob Liefeld. John Prophet is a super soldier who falls into a cold sleep at the end of World War II after an experiment by the Germans, but wakes up earlier than expected in 1965. Now he’s looking for a suitable mission.

The director is the former stunt coordinator Sam Hargreve, who made his directorial debut with the action thriller “Extraction” (2020). In it, Chris Hemsworth played a fearless mercenary who is supposed to save the kidnapped son of a gang boss.

Gyllenhaal last shot the action thriller “Ambulance” under the direction of Michael Bay and a remake of the successful Danish thriller “The Guilty” by director Antoine Fuqua.

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