Jamaica trip: Prince William condemns slavery

Prince William and his wife Kate are currently visiting Jamaica. The prince condemned slavery as “an eyesore on history.” But that’s not enough for many in Jamaica.

10:46 am, March 24, 2022


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Er stimme mit seinem Vater, dem britischen Thronfolger Prinz Charles überein, der im vergangenen Jahr bei einem Besuch in Barbados gesagt hatte, "die entsetzliche Grausamkeit der Sklaverei" werde immer ein Schandfleck der Geschichte sein.

Einige Demonstranten, die ihren Unmut über den Besuch von William und seiner Frau Kate (40) zum Ausdruck brachten, hatten eine offizielle Entschuldigung der Royal Family für ihre Rolle im Kolonialismus und beim Sklavenhandel gefordert. Ein Vertreter einer jamaikanischen Rastafa, imagePathAltText=Bild: APA/AFP/RICARDO MAKYN, channelBean=null, externId=-1, wordCount=219, author=, currentMpliLockRuleListStr=::, tags=, imageSource=null, blendleTier=, displayDate=Thu Mar 24 10:46:00 CET 2022, popupSizeY=0, popupType=, linkUSVTList=[], mpliId=-1, popupSizeX=0, link=, breadcrumbOverwrite=0, title=Prinz William verurteilt Sklaverei - Demonstranten fordern Wiedergutmachung, watchList=5, displayDateStr=24.03.2022 10:46, blendleJwtToken=, lines=0, teaserShort=Prinz William und seine Frau Kate besuchen aktuell Jamaika. Der Prinz verurteilte die Sklaverei als "Schandfleck der Geschichte." Vielen in Jamaika reicht das aber nicht. , class=class at.beit.common.articlelist.ArticleVO, channelId=0, createDate=Thu Mar 24 10:46:00 CET 2022, blendleEnabled=false, policyAgencyId=481, createDateStr=24.03.2022 10:46, layoutId=-1, masterChannelId=-1, imagePathText=Prinz William mit Jamaikas Premierminister Andrew Holness (rechts). / Bild: APA/AFP/RICARDO MAKYN, channelName1=null, changeUser=hadler, displayTimeStr=10:46, channelName=null, createUser=hadler, linkType=, ranking=0, automaticLead=0, changeDateStr=24.03.2022 11:00, kicker=Jamaika-Reise, newstickerStatus=0, teaser=Prinz William und seine Frau Kate besuchen aktuell Jamaika. Der Prinz verurteilte die Sklaverei als "Schandfleck der Geschichte." Vielen in Jamaika reicht das aber nicht. } -->

Prince William with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right). © APA/AFP/RICARDO MAKYN

Prince William spoke about slavery during his Jamaica trip and strongly condemned the practice. “I want to express my deep sadness. Slavery was abominable,” said the 39-year-old at an evening event in the Jamaican capital, Kingston. “It should never have happened.”

He agrees with his father, the heir to the British throne Prince Charles who said during a visit to Barbados last year that “the appalling cruelty of slavery” will always be a blot on history.

Some demonstrators expressing their displeasure with the visit of William and his Mrs Kate (40) had called for an official apology from the Royal Family for their role in colonialism and the slave trade. A representative of a Jamaican Rastafarian group said, according to the PA news agency: “We can only forgive people who recognize that what they have done was wrong and are willing to make amends for the harm done to them.” Hundreds of people had also demanded reparations during other protests.

Jamaica is the second stop on William and Kate’s eight-day tour of three former colonies – on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II (95), who is celebrating her 70th anniversary of the throne this year. William delivered the monarch’s best wishes in the Caribbean. “For me she is actually my grandmother, but actually everyone sees her as their grandmother,” said the second in line to the British throne.