Jamaican politician: ‘I didn’t ignore Kate Middleton’

Jamaica politician defends herself
“I didn’t ignore Kate Middleton”

William and Kate are currently visiting the Caribbean on behalf of the royal family. But the reception in Jamaica is cool, according to the British gossip press. The video evidence was taken out of context, explains a Jamaican politician – and criticizes the royal family.

The visit of Prince William and Duchess Kate to Jamaica causes a stir in a variety of ways. One scene that went viral and has since been interpreted a lot took place when Kate met the Jamaican politician Lisa Hannah instead of. This “showed the cold shoulder” to the Duchess of Cambridge, reported “The Mirror”. However, Hanna did not put up with this accusation, she wrote one instead Guest article for the “Guardian” entitled: “I Didn’t Ignore Kate Middleton. But Jamaica Needs More Than Royal Regrets About Slavery”.

“A lot of fuss has been made” about the alleged affront to Kate, she writes. It was just a “two-second manipulated clip that was taken out of context.” “I have nothing but respect for Kate as a person and I have treated her with that respect and warmth.”

But it is also a fact that the darkest chapter of their country is closely linked to the British crown. “The sins of slavery cannot be forgotten,” stresses Hanna. Neither was the wealth it brought to Britain. Their conclusion: “The road to justice includes reparations payments.”

Many words, few actions


Other recordings show: Duchess Kate and Lisa Hanna could also laugh with each other.

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Hanna also commented on Prince William’s speech on the subject, in which he described slavery as a “horrible atrocity”. At an evening reception in Jamaica, William referred to how his father, Prince Charles, had previously condemned slavery: “I agree with my father, the Prince of Wales, who said in Barbados last year that the appalling cruelty of slavery is our history forever stained.”

The politician writes in her contribution: “Condemning slavery without taking action, as Prince Charles and Prince William did, is not very bold and does not show courage.” Rather, she hopes that these words now represent “a beginning and not the end of her journey on the topic of reparation and justice”.