Jamel Debbouze: “Not my business”, he responds to criticism of the names of his children

Guests of the portrait of the week seven to eight on TF1 this Sunday July 3, Jamel Debbouze returned to the first name of his children born of his love with Mélissa Theuriau: Léon Ali and Lila Fatima Brigitte. Symbols of a double culture, but also of his love for the journalist.

When Audrey Crespo-Mara calls the children of Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze simply with their first names, Léon and Lila, aged 13 and 10 respectively, the dad takes great pleasure in correcting: Leon Ali and Lila Fatima Brigitte. Even if he knows very well that his daughter doesn’t like having her three first names given like that. But for the comedian, it’s important, because they have a story: It’s the first name of my mother and my mother-in-law, Fatima and Brigitte.” “I am profoundly French, body and soul”made a point of recalling the artist in seven to eight on TF1 this Sunday, July 3. “The choice of your children’s first names, some have seen it as a proof of assimilation, others as a betrayalsummed up the wife of Thierry Ardisson, before asking him if he understood him.

I understand that public opinion has its opinion and that she says what she wants, when she wants, when she has to say it. But me, it’s none of my businessreplied the father of the family, before qualifying. “Afterwards, when others trade in it to divide us or pit us against each other, it’s ridiculous. I don’t fit in there at alldecided Jamel Debbouze. “What I’ve done through this is just love my wife and create a family”concluded on TF1 the husband of the journalist. “I was born in France, I am French. It is the result of all that what”, simply summed up the 47-year-old man. On this question of first names, the actor has “the impression that we are progressing”even though “it’s very very slow” and “very subtle”.

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“I am convinced that France is not racist”

Jamel Debbouze regrets, however, that we do, according to him, “trade in everything that does not progress and in everything that does not progress”, because “opposing us sells”. Optimistic, he prefers to see the glass half full, especially when he launches into an analysis of the rise of the National Rally which allowed Marine Le Pen to once again access the second round of the presidential election.

“The last presidential elections, we had the impression that one in two French people was racist, becausethey voted for Le Pen. But I am convinced that France is not racist”, launched the comedian. He is convinced that “it was a vote of misery” and opposition to Emmanuel Macron, against a backdrop of purchasing power problems. Jamel Debbouze sees France as a “old lady” who is afraid and who just needs to be reassured. “I hope that this will no longer be a subject for Léon who will secretly be called Ali”he concluded with humor, winking at his son.

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