James Cameron Considers Not Directing All ‘Avatar’ Movies

The director, in the process of refining the next two parts of his saga, confides in a new interview that he is not sure if he wants to sign the fourth and fifth films of the license.

James Cameron plans not to direct all the parts of his immense science fiction saga Avatar, contrary to what he had previously stated. The filmmaker, who planned his franchise in five parts – independent of each other, but forming a coherent whole -, suggested that he could entrust the production of the fourth and fifth film to other filmmakers.

“Movies Avatar take up a lot of my time,” James Cameron told the magazine. Empire. “I have other things that I want to develop that excite me just as much. I think that eventually – I don’t know if it will be after the third or the fourth film – that I will pass the torch to another director in who I trust so I can focus on other things that interest me. Or maybe not. I don’t know.”

James Cameron has already delegated “Alita”

Thirteen years separate the first two parts ofAvatar. The second film, titled The Way of the Water, will be released in theaters on December 14, after years of postponements, justified by the scale of this titanic project. James Cameron indeed insisted on writing the four chapters of his film in parallel and he directed the second and third parts in parallel.

James Cameron has already, in the past, entrusted projects he wanted to other directors. Alita: Battle Angeladaptation of the cult manga Gunnm, was thus boxed by Robert Rodriguez. James Cameron, however, actively participated in this project, where he is credited as screenwriter and executive producer.

“Push the limits”

The plot of The Way of the Water takes place about ten years after the events recounted in the first film. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have rebuilt their lives together. They are now parents of four children. Their idyllic existence, close to nature, punctuated by hunting and fishing, is however threatened when the Resources Development Administration, a dangerous non-governmental organization, returns to Pandora.

Avatar 2 must “push the limits of what cinema can do”, announced at the end of April at the CinemaCon festival James Cameron, promising dramatic technological advances. It will be an aquatic film, the action of which takes place mainly under water. “It will be Bora Bora on steroids”, had even warned its producer Jon Landau in Entertainment Weekly.

The saga Avatar is to continue with three additional sequels, for a total of five feature films. With a high stake: the first part, released thirteen years ago, is to this day biggest movie hit of all timegrossing $2.847 billion at the worldwide box office.

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