Jamie Lee Curtis and Kris Jenner defy fashion with these daring looks for their over 60s

Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Jenner They are one of the most successful women in show business, one an actress and the other as a manager.

The famous have over 60 years old and know how to wear sexy and modern looks, proving that age is just a number and should never limit you.

Both have in common, in addition to their haircut, that they love fashion, and always dazzle with their outfits, inspiring women over 60.

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The sexy and modern looks with which Jamie Lee Curtis and Kris Jenner have surprised their over 60s

Minidress with high boots

Kris Jenner is 67 years old. but her age does not prevent her from wearing sexy outfits and she wore a black minidress with high boots.

The matriarch of the famous clan wore this outfit with a maxi coat in the same tone, and she certainly looked much younger than her age with this look.

Dress with transparencies

Jamie Lee Curtis dazzled at 64 during an event with a beautiful long dress with transparencies.

The famous actress wore this garment long sleeves and fitted in a black tone that had transparencies in the abdomen, neckline and legs, showing her sexier side.

bodysuit and heels

For a photo shoot with her daughter Kylie, Kris showed off her toned legs, revealing her sexier side in a long-sleeved black bodysuit.

Kris wore just this one, with nothing on the bottom, showing off her legs, and accessorized with just a pair of black heels.

Dress with lace

For the Golden Globesthe actress wore a beautiful long black lace dress that allowed her to show off her figure perfectly.

Jamie wore a long strapless dress in black that was complemented with a lace cape, filling her look with coquetry and class.

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miniskirt and corset

For Halloween, Kris Jenner wasted sensuality dressed as Wonder Woman and for this he took a Blue miniskirt with a red strapless corset.

This was combined with some nude pantyhose, red and gold knee high boots and a red cape, showing his most daring side at 67.