Jamming’s press officer put on his face despite the fact that he didn’t know anything either

Thousands of attendees who bought their tickets to attend the Jamming Festival do not come out of surprise and uncertainty due to the lack of responses from the organization of the event, who, since confirming the suspension, have not clarified much else.

Through a statement, they stated that the festival was no longer going to take place and they only explained why until nightfall. This fact caused trauma in the city: artisans ended up being looted in their tents located in the event venue and some were left with 7,000 brownies, thousands of tamales, etc., that were ready to be sold. Even the owner of Playa Hawái was affected since they don’t even want to respond to him.

Thousands of people published on social networks their discontent, anguish and anxiety due to the lack of responsibility and explanations, so that the Ibaguer newspaper tried to talk to two women who are part of the Jamming organization.

Andrea Casallas, a lawyer for the Jamming Festival and sister of Alejandro Casallas, in charge of the event, answered in a live broadcast, but when asked questions, she hung up the call abruptly.

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The press officer, on the other hand, he did answer and spoke live, before the attentive ears of the victims.

“I have not had an answer”: Jamming press officer

“I disassociated myself from the Jamming Festival (…) we are organizing support groups for those who may need it,” Restrepo explained, before confessing that she disassociated herself from everything because they didn’t give her an answer either:

“I have not had an answer. Of all the messages that I do, of all the messages that I have sent since 4 in the morning, I do not get any contact. The truth was uncertain for everyone because when I worked there I saw the stage, the decoration, everything done (…) Before the festival, people working 24 hours a day, rain and shine… it was a reality for everyone, ”he said, surprised.

When he found out about what was initially a postponement, he began to contact the directors, without answers: “What history has shown us is that in the face of adversity we must know what attitude we are going to take.”

“I spoke with other affected people and we are mobilizing a Facebook group that will function as a virtual shopping center for people to enter and buy various products from these businessmen and artisans,” he added.

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Restrepo said with regret that many artisans went only with their merchandise and a one-way ticket, hoping to make the money to go back and pay for lodging. Now they most likely spend the night homeless, stranded and with no way back. “We have to welcome them,” he said, stating that they are looking for the registration lists to contact them.