Jandy Ventura releases “El Legado del Caballo”, an album of hits from her father

With the purpose of honoring the musical career of his father Johnny Ventura, his offspring Jandy presented the album “El Legado del Caballo vol. 1”, which is available on all digital platforms.

The production consists of 14 songs in collaboration with Gilberto Santa Rosa, Milly Quezada, Jose Alberto El Canario, Manny Cruz, Sergio Vargas, Héctor Acosta, Néstor Torres, Willy García, Alex Bueno, Miriam Cruz, Eddy Herrera, Roberto del Castillo, Alex Matos and Ruby Perez.

This long-term compilation represents an important event for those who now have the responsibility of continuing their music, since the fine selection of songs by the legendary artist with more than 65 years of career is part of the successes of the immortal merengue, indicates a note from press.

Within this Vol. 1 are “I am the merengue”, “La agarradera”, “Merenguero to the tambora”, “The horses arrived”, “El carbonero”, “Agonía”, “Dilema”, “Las indias de Baní”, “When you are close to me”, “Get me that”, “El gossip”, “The truth” and “Tititá”.

“Yo Soy El Merengue” was the first promotional theme where, thanks to technology, it was possible to insert the voice of Johnny Ventura in this musical collaboration with his son, which also included audiovisual material where Dominican identity is highlighted, making us feel that we are all the merengue from emblematic places of our country, with the participation of different personalities from public life.

From this EP, “Matilde Lina” also sounds on the radio, a Charanga recorded by Caballo Mayor in 1975 by the Colombian composer Leandro Díaz and now with a new version performed by Jandy in collaboration with José Alberto El Canario.

Outstanding musicians such as Janina Rosado, Johnny Chocolate, Pedro Rojas (Pío), Frasier Hernández, Isaías Leclerc, Jaden Sufran Ortiz, the latter just 12 years old, the grandson of the deceased director of the Combo Show, Pablito Barriga; as well as other instrumentation artists imposed their experience on the album.

Under the production of Jandy Ventura, Henry Jiménez, Antonio González and Julio César Félix; this first volume begins a series of productions that will be released, as announced during a press meeting held at the Meridian Events Center with friends of the press and related.

The discography is the prelude to several events based on “El Legado del Caballo”, which will bring shows in various locations in the country and internationally, starting in November of this year.