Jane Seymour: At 71 she still looks like “Dr. Quinn”

At 71, the British woman looks as if hardly a day had passed since her breakthrough as a serial doctor in the 1990s. With her typical long brown mane and her fit body, she amazed many at the event.

Jane Seymour: No major surgeries, but regular training

However, no complex interventions are responsible for their appearance. In April, the actress admitted to having a breast correction when she was 40 and having had a “minor” eye lift in the 1990s, but she said no major surgeries happened. “That doesn’t mean I don’t think others shouldn’t,” she said.

To stay in shape, Seymour watches her diet, which is primarily Mediterranean. “I’m careful not to eat too much starch. I eat a lot of chicken and a lot of vegetables. We grow a lot of organic vegetables in our own garden. But everything in moderation, even if it’s not easy. But diets work for not me. What works is just taking a bite out of a cake instead of eating the whole cake,” Seymour explained in an interview.

Regular sport is also on the weekly program for the grandmother of two to keep herself energetic and healthy. on her Instagram profile she occasionally documents her training sessions and tries to motivate her followers to do something for her body. According to the magazine Women’s Health The 71-year-old relies on isometric training, in which you tense your muscles without equipment and hold them in a certain position for a while. In addition, she practices Gyrotonic, which is a training concept that combines components from dance, swimming, yoga, tai chi and gymnastics and focuses on slow, three-dimensional and controlled movements.