Janni Hönscheid: When she had children, she had doubts about the relationship with Peer

Actor Peer Kusmagk (46) and surfer Janni Hönscheid (31) share private insights into their relationship and their life as a family in their new book “The Call of Your Heart”. With the guide, the couple wants to help other people to make their lives freer and happier. But things weren’t always so rosy for the couple either.

In an interview with GALA, Janni reveals that she had great doubts at the beginning and later in her relationship. She tells of her husband’s behavior patterns that she could not accept.

Janni confesses why she even considered leaving the 46-year-old. Apparently, Peer was not good at dealing with stress at first and often used the wrong tone. “It had a lot to do with his adopted behavioral patterns. We grew up with the fact that men are often excused for who they are,” said the 31-year-old.

Janni Hönscheid and Peer Kusmargk about their relationship

As a feminist, that was something she didn’t want to live with. For Janni, a relationship must take place on an equal footing, without a power imbalance, in that she has to accept everything her husband does. “But we managed to do that by communicating openly with each other,” explains the surfer.

But now Peer also knows how to work on himself and his relationship with Janni. He would not always have appreciated the care work that Janni does: “It’s a long process that I’m working on to completely overcome it.”