Janni & Peer Kusmagk are planning a fresh start

Janni (32) and Peer Kusmagk (47) moved from Potsdam to Mallorca with their three children in early 2022. But the first few months were more than challenging. The family lived in a “rustic and very cold” finca. They had no heating. It was even too cold for the chickens – the animals crept into the slightly warmer house and crapped everything, the couple described at the time.

Then the kids also got Corona. For Janni and Peer, the emigrant dream became a nightmare, as they explained to their fans and followers on Instagram in the summer. Emotionally, too, the surfer and the moderator completely underestimated the move to another country. “If you give up all your habits. Of course, that’s also something that keeps people on track and also gives us people a certain feeling of happiness. That kept us busy for the first two months, getting back on track, new ones Finding habits,” Peer told BUNTE.de in June 2022.

Janni and Peer Kusmagk were “close to going back to Potsdam completely”

But new year, new luck. Shortly before the turn of the year, Janni and Peer left the old finca with their kids and moved with their chickens into a new, more modern house with sea views and a whirlpool on the roof terrace. In her Instagram story, the 32-year-old gives a few insights into the new house and also shows boxes that still have to be unpacked. “Moving plus two weeks of vacation in the snow. I’m now taking care of the clothes chaos, everything has to be sorted again,” she writes about the pictures.

In another Instagram story, the mother of three explains that there were many different reasons for the move: “Of course it was really awesome because we put so much work and love into it, but it was like a fight against windmills. The house had had a long and turbulent history and had a very biased energy as a result. We gave up that fight in the end.”

The family therefore very often commuted back and forth between Potsdam and Mallorca and was also “on the verge of going back to Potsdam completely”. But then Janni and Peer found their current house. It is located in the north of Mallorca in a small village – right by the sea. Hopefully the couple with their three children can finally find peace here.