Jared Leto: Hollywood star mourns after his shoot

Jared Leto
Hollywood star mourns after his shoot

Jared Leto mourns in places after a shoot.

Jared Leto mourns in places after a shoot.

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Jared Leto is known as a method actor. The Hollywood star says that he sometimes goes through a certain grieving process after shooting.

The actor Jared Leto (50) is often completely immersed in his roles – even so much that he sometimes mourns after the shooting. When you commit to something, in any way, and then let go, “there can be a grieving process,” explains Leto “Entertainment Tonight”.

Some things might become habitual while he’s acting, such as how he moves, laughs, or talks. “So I think it’s normal that there’s a short grace period,” the 50-year-old continues. You don’t suddenly think, “Hey, I forgot the last six months of my life.”

Its director was worried about Jared Leto

It’s also no big secret that he has a passion for immersing himself in his roles, says Leto. There are sometimes some challenges, but in this case he loved the project. The star opens up about his role in the AppleTV+ series WeCrashed, which premieres on the streaming service today, March 18. He can be seen in the leading role alongside his colleague Anne Hathaway (39).

Daniél Espinosa (44) recently illustrated the extent of Leto’s method acting. The “Morbius” director was almost afraid for the Hollywood star during the shooting, as Espinosa told the industry magazine Variety. You have to be careful, because the 50-year-old can really get into a scene. “Morbius” hits theaters on March 31.