Jasmin Herren: On the 1st anniversary of Willi Herren’s death, she shares an emotional video

On April 20, 2021 came the shocking news: Willi Herren († 45) suddenly died at the age of only 45. The life of his wife Jasmin Herren (43), from whom he is said to have separated just a few weeks earlier, has changed abruptly since that moment. Again and again she admits to her fans that she is still struggling with Willi’s sudden death. Also in the “jungle camp”, in which she took part in 2022, the widow talks about her intimate love relationship and claims that they were never separated. How much the two once loved each other becomes clear in the commemorative video that Jasmin Herren posts on her Instagram profile on the first anniversary of her death. Here she publishes unseen snapshots of the popular “Lindenstrasse” actor, including a funny cake fight or falling in love with her on a dream vacation. The photos not only show what a bon vivant the entertainer was, but also how much Jasmin Herren still misses him.

In the video above we show you the romantic shots of the two.

Alessia Herren: Willi Herren’s daughter shares moving photos on his birthday

Willi Herren’s family is still mourning him. Above all, they used special days, such as his birthday on June 17th, to commemorate him. So his daughter Alessia Herren (20) from his first marriage posted a collage of funny videos showing her with her dad on her day of honor, when she would have turned 46. Here, too, you can see once again that reality TV legend Willi Herren was simply made for the camera – always with a funny saying or a friendly smile on his face.

You can see the funny dad-daughter shot in the video below!