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The Puerto Rican urban artist Jay Wheelerone of the new stars of the Latin music movement, premiered this Friday his new single, “La Que Me Hizo Llorar”, which alludes to heartbreak and the loss of someone special.

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In the song, which he wrote and worked as an executive producer crediting his musical maturity, Wheeler presents his renowned romantic style, as explained in a press release.

“Working on the production of this song has been a process to which we have put a lot of love and, without a doubt, it has become a school for me as an executive producer”, said Wheeler, known as “The Favorite Voice.”

“I want my audience to be able to feel that very personal touch that I have put on the song. I have always been very real in my songs and this is no exception. I want you to live with me the emotions of ‘The one that made me cry” and cry a little too “Wheeler added.

Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans Dímelo Siru and Yeziell Yeziell, who have worked with Wheeler since the first day of his career, were in charge of producing the song incorporating romanticism with an acoustic-urban style. Producers Dirrty and Botlok also collaborated on “The One That Made Me Cry.”

Accompanying the theme, the music video recorded in the “one take” format is presented, where the singer shows in a cozy and informal atmosphere, the intimacy of his feelings when interpreting his songs.

The video, filmed at Starke Lake Studios in Orlando, Florida (USA) and directed by Webster Torres Millán, also features the collaboration of Siru and Yeziell.

“This is an important contribution to the new record production of the Dynamic Records label and we hope it will be on the street in the coming months,” Dimelo Siru explained in the statement.


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