Jazmín Pinedo on rumors of a new romance: “When God puts someone in your path, I can’t say no” | show business | celebrity | Gino Assereto | SHOWS

Jazmín Pinedo visited the program “El reventonazo de la Chola” last Saturday and she opened her heart by touching on various topics, including rumors that she would have a new suitor after being single for four years.

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“I have always prioritized myself because I had to recover certain things that I had lost, I immersed myself in my work, my studies and my daughter above all things. It is difficult for me to talk a lot about what I feel and many times it is pointed out to me as hard or cold, because I like to live my processes alone ”, expressed Jasmine Pinedo

He then continued with: “I can tell you that I was not looking for anything, but when God puts someone on your path, I am not in a position to deny that and I can tell you that my heart is very happy. I am calm and happy, my heart is happy and that is the important thing”.

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Immediately the host of “El reventonazo” told him: “Is it a love at a distance? Do they chat often? Because there are rumors that he is from another country, I cannot say that he is from Uruguay”.

Between laughs, Jazmín confirmed it and replied that they have seen each other physically: “Of course. Not yet (has come to Peru)”, he expressed.


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