Jazz Correia soon in Moms and famous? The JLC Family star was approached

Jazz and Laurent Correia confided in the columns of Purebreak on August 3. The opportunity for them to discuss the program Moms and Famous.

Jazz Correia is a reality TV candidate who shares her daily life on social networks. The young woman is married to Laurent Correia and both have three children, Chelsea, Cayden and London. They are a happy and united family and also have their own reality TV show. During an interview with PureBreak on August 3, the couple confided in television and in particular Moms and Famous. In the program, viewers can follow the daily lives of their favorite influencers. “It is true that it has already been mentioned for me to be in Moms and Famous as a family representative“, revealed Jazz Correia. Will she take the plunge and participate in the show? “But in fact, after reflection, I prefer to leave this place to my best friends and me, I keep the JLC, she continued. It is therefore on social networks that Internet users can follow the adventures of the JLC Family.

Iconic TV figure, it’s on the show Who wants to marry my son in 2015 that Jazz Correia rose to prominence. Thereafter, she chained the programs and is now at the head of her own show. A daily newspaper that seems to delight her, but she did not hesitate to make heartbreaking confidences in the columns of Parisian last January. “I often think about stopping everything“, she had first confessed. The reason? “We may say that it is the ransom of glory, we did not sign to be tortured. Today, violence is not only on social networks. We influencers are often threatened,” she then explained, upset. Sharing your daily life on social networks can have consequences since the JLC Family does the subject of unfounded criticism and rumors to which she reacts quickly. Will these push Jazz Correia to stop everything?

Jazz Correia: does she intend to expand her family?

Mother of three children, Jazz Correia is a fulfilled woman. But would she like to welcome a fourth baby? “I would like four or five children“, she said in the columns of Purebreak. For his part, Laurent Correia assured: “For me, already, the family is very large”. Subsequently, he recalled that the couple has a project:We plan to adopt a child, that’s four. I already changed cars, I don’t want to take a bus after that“, he amused himself. Will they change their mind soon? For the moment, Jazz and Laurent Correia prefer to devote themselves to their three children and their future projects.