Jealousy? Luca Hänni really says that!

Christina Luft, 32, has been a professional dancer with “Let’s Dance” for a few years now. In 2020 she also found love there in her dance partner Luca Hänni, 27. The professional dancer is currently dancing in the new season of the dance show with singer Mike Singer, 22. But what does her fiancé actually say about the hot dance scenes?

“Let’s Dance” Christina Luft: She found love at work

you are a heart and a soul: Christina Luft and Luca Hänni. The professional dancer and the singer met each other on “Let’s Dance” in 2020. At that time Christina coached the former DSDS winner and even helped him to third place. But their top placement is not the greatest happiness that resulted from their joint “Let’s Dance” journey, but sparks have flown between the two since day one. After the season ended, Christina and Luca finally admitted: Yes, they fell in love! Oh, for die-hard fans of the dance show, it was THE confession that so many have been waiting for. Some time has now passed and the couple is as happy as ever. The surprise followed in December last year: the “Let’s Dance” dream couple got engaged!

“Let’s Dance” – Christina Luft: No jealousy with friend Luca Hänni

Even though Christina Luft is now in safe hands, she continues to dance closely entwined with their celebrities on “Let’s Dance”. After all, this is part of her job. This season she’s teaching Mike Singer a dance move or two. Although the singer struggled with teething problems, the dancing couple is improving week by week. With the dances it can also sometimes go hot. Does that make Christina’s boyfriend jealous? There is no trace of that with Luca Hänni. On Instagram he raves about his queen of hearts:

I’m always speechless and love to watch her dance. I’m always very proud in front of the TV.

“Let’s Dance” is running every Friday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and at any time RTL+.

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