Jean Castex at the RATP: Emmanuel Macron made him a little joke…

After holding the reins of Matignon for two years, Jean Castex made a major shift with his appointment at the head of the RATP, Wednesday, November 23, following a new Council of Ministers. “It was not planned in the film, no more than becoming Prime Minister!” said the former elected representative of Prades, as reported The Express, Thursday, November 24. “I know that you would have preferred the SNCF!” had then launched the current tenant of the Élysée Emmanuel Macron echoing the unsuccessful application of Jean Castex to the presidency of the SNCF.

This is a great honor to join the RATP today”, reacted Jean Castex in a press release issued by the railway company, saying in passing “fully aware of the challenges to come for this public company.” However, with this appointment, the husband of Sandra Ribelaygue will have to steer clear of of the political sphere. Thus, as indicated by the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) last October, the predecessor of Élisabeth Borne should not, for three years, come into contact with “members of the government in office who were also in office when he was Prime Minister as well as members of his cabinet who still hold public office”.

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“Challenges spur me on”

accused of having been resettled” by the President of the Republic at the head of the RATP, after leaving his post as Prime Minister, Jean Castex wants to show that he fully deserves his appointment at the head of the RATP. Aware of the importance of the challenge to be met, the 57-year-old politician was highly motivated: “Challenges, it spurs me on“, he told the Senate. Moreover, the main interested party would have already shown his attraction for the estate while he was still working at 7, rue de Varenne (Paris). “At Matignon, he was more interested in the transport theme than its predecessor Edouard Philippe. And with him files have been completed”, indicated Jean-Luc Gibelin, PC vice-president of the Occitanie region in charge of Mobility, with the Figaro.

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