Jean-Claude Van Damme: a young thirty-something, accuses him of sexual assault

This is information that will make a big noise in the coming hours. According to information from our colleagues at Sudinfoa woman in her thirties filed a complaint against the Brussels actor Jean-Claude Van Damme for facts dating from August 20, 2021. That evening, the Belgian actor would have spent the evening in the bar Imperial Private Premium Bar Brussels with a young woman of 33 years. If everything was going pretty well at the start, everything degenerated very quickly:“I think he took a few lines, because everyone knows that Jean-Claude Van Damme takes drugs to death, and suddenly he became another person” explained the alleged victim.

An investigation is opened against Jean-Claude Van Damme

According to the words of the young thirty-year-old, Jean-Claude Van Damme would then have allowed himself to touch his buttocks and to make him sexual demands. A fellatio according to what we learn from our colleagues at Sudinfo. Despite a first slap, the actor did not stop there. Indeed, he would also have tried to undress his victim. Things got even worse when she went to the bathroom:At one point I went to the bathroom, he followed me. He was no longer himself with alcohol and drugs. I told him to fuck off, but he insisted“.

Jean Claude Van Damme

After this event, the young woman would have had a small black hole. She would have come to on the sidewalk. According to her, she thinks she was drugged, having drunk only one glass of champagne in the establishment at the time of the events. Contacted by the author of the article, the JCVD ​​agent was very surprised. According to him, there is no business. However, the floor of Brussels can confirm that there is an ongoing case against the actor. It remains to be seen now what exactly happened. As a reminder, Jean Claude Van Damme is presumed innocent at this point.