Jean d’Ormesson: this disorder of which his granddaughter was ashamed

Invited on the set of It starts today, April 25, 2022, Marie-Sarah, the granddaughter of Jean d’Ormesson looked into a disorder from which she suffered when she was a child. The young woman then confides in all modesty on this subject.

He was one of the most famous Academicians. Deceased on December 5, 2017, Jean d’Ormesson will have marked generations of French people, but also the life of his granddaughter, Marie-Sarah, present on April 25 on the set of the show It starts todayon France 2. The opportunity for the young woman to evoke with modesty this disorder from which she suffers. At the question : “Did he pressure you for school”, the young woman replies: “Fortunately for me, I was a good student so he didn’t put too much pressure on me regarding the grades (…) On the other hand, I had a little problem all the same: my primary, I was very dyslexic” she begins by evoking.

The granddaughter of Jean d’Ormesson explains what she may have felt during her schooling : “It’s true that it sucks a little not knowing how to write perfectly and speak French perfectly”. What Faustine Bollaert, the presenter wanted to know if her grandfather had been able to help her during her schooling: “He really liked to see my lessons, to look over my shoulder to read the last lesson or the last homework. He helped me a lot in philosophy, Latin, literature…”

Marie-Sarah has met all the Presidents of the Republic elected since her birth

Marie-Sarah also reflected on her childhood, which was not that of other toddlers: “I didn’t realize it right away but actually growing up, since we lived in the same place, I had the opportunity to meet his Academician friends in particular and participate in really high-flying dinners from a point from an intellectual and cultural point of view. I recently spoke about it with a friend who said to me: ‘you realize that you have had the opportunity to meet all the Presidents elected since your birth'”. An exceptional childhood for this granddaughter who evokes Jean d’Ormesson with shining eyes.


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