Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy at war since their breakup? She finally lifts the veil

How to forget this mythical couple : Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin made us laugh so much in “A guy, a girl”. They were together on screen, but also in real life. Unfortunately, this lovely couple did not last. After ten years of love, everyone resumed his journey closing this beautiful chapter of his life. But since 2013, the year of their breakup, where are their relations? Do they still meet? Are they on good terms? Alexandra Lamy has agreed, on several occasions, to answer these questions to journalists. Objeko brings you all his revelations.

As a couple on screen, then in real life

During the first filming of “A guy, a girl”, Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy were not yet in a relationship. But by dint of pretending to be in love, they ended up really being charmed by each other. However, the two actors were not single just before starting a romantic relationship. Thierry Ardisson had made this revelation on his show. Either way, Jean and Alexandra fell head over heels in love and stayed together for ten long years. In 2013, they separated much to the chagrin of their many fans. The reasons mentioned at the time: a depression of Jean Dujardin and the famous curse of the Oscars. Indeed, the couple separated a few months after the actor won the precious trophy.

Alexandra Lamy could work again with Jean Dujardin

Anyway, Alexandra Lamy did not start hating her ex after their separation. This man she loved for ten years made her happy. “This story represents ten years of my existence. Why question everything? It would be a shame since we were happy. Above all, I didn’t want to find myself in the situation of seeing photos, a few years later, and saying to myself each time: ‘Bastard!’ What hell to stay in this posture. I live neither in the past nor in resentment. » she confided to Paris Match in 2019.

To the journalists of “Current Woman” in 2015, the big sister of Chloé Lamy revealed that she and Jean Dujardin have kept good relations. “It was not easy to turn the page, but life goes on. And then, both of us, we experienced wonderful things. You only have to keep the good memories. It is more constructive than pouring into reproach or bitterness. Today, our relations are cordial. So, yes, I could find Jean on a set. »

The one who has found happiness with another man is therefore ready to work with her ex again. And his new companion is Pierre Garonnaire, a 37-year-old businessman. As for Jean Dujardin, he seems to be spinning the perfect love with the former skater Nathalie Péchalat. “A guy” and “a girl” therefore both seem very happy!