Jean-François and Mélanie (Love is in the meadow) separated? A candidate throws everything

Love at first sight or just a passing crush? Obviously, the couple Jean-François and Mélanie did not survive the routine. Ouch!

Attention, big scoop on Jean-François and Mélanie!

Since its creation, Love is in the meadow stirs the hearts of the public. Indeed, even if we do not adhere to the principle of reality TV, it is clear that meeting someone has become complicated. So when M6 offers farmers the opportunity to find the rare pearl, they don’t hesitate for a second and they sign. For their part, the fans have the possibility of contacting them to suggest that they go a long way together. Karine Le Marchand and Cupidon take their role as conductor very seriously. Also, when they deciphered the behavior of Jean-François and Mélanie, they believe that there is not the slightest doubt. These two were made for each other. Less than a year after this candy pink speed-dating, a revelation will thwart the predictions. What happened ? Objeko make the point !

Chance or coincidence?

Each year, the Agricultural Show is an opportunity to find some former members of L’amour est dans le pré. Regardless of the season, the ex-participants form a big family. When one of them is in difficulty, the others do not hesitate to support him by organizing pots. Posted on Karine Le Marchand’s Instagram, this photo is proof that this friendship is sacred.

Moreover, drawing on its recent archives, Objeko remembers Didier’s bottle in the sea. If Marie-Ange and Zakia hadn’t been there to see the damage, who knows what would have happened? For their part, Jean-François and Mélanie are in their bubble. They spin the perfect love. These two, nothing seemed to reach them. The duo had so much in common that it is impossible for Objeko to name them all. One thing is certain, the week on the farm was colorful!

5 minutes of speed-dating goes too fast. When the two candidates arrive on site, it seems that the dice are loaded in advance. Indeed, for one of them, it is not even worth unpacking her suitcases. Hardly have they gone for a walk in the mountains so dear to the shepherd than Jean-François and Mélanie exchanged their first kiss. This is the beginning of a long series of smiles and moments of complicity. But then, what could have caused such a reversal of the situation?

It’s official ! Jean-François and Mélanie are no longer together!

Karine (the brunette) and Sébastien, does that speak to you? For someone who has always known the capital, the adventure of Love is in the meadow has not been easy. However, she was worth it since she met the man of her life. In this article, the editorial staff of Objeko told you that a tractor accident could have destroyed everything. Fortunately, the young woman takes it upon herself, organizes herself by finding a job near the farm. This time, she will be able to settle in with her lover. After long weeks of convalescence, he was finally able to get out of it. To celebrate, the lovebirds accept the invitation to this new edition of transhumance. With Jean-François and Mélanie, the atmosphere is festive! Except that… obviously, his darling is not there to welcome the guests. Oops… what’s going on?

In an organized live, the elders of Love is in the meadow give details of this event. Obviously, the curiosity of the fans will lead them to do a live. Nothing better to dot the I’s with the haters. If Melanie isn’t here now, she never will be! Quite simply because she is no longer in a relationship with Jean-François. It was Karine who said it, so we take her word for it. However, Objeko fingers crossed to find out the reasons for the breakup. We can’t go from marriage and baby dreams to living each on our own. Continued in the next issue!