Jean-Jacques Bourdin affair: his wife Anne Nivat causes great discomfort in C à vous

Invited in C to you a few days after the filing of a complaint against Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Anne Nivat was annoyed. The journalist did not like being questioned at length about an ongoing case.

The discomfort was palpable on the set of It’s up to you. This Wednesday, January 19, Anne Nivat was invited on France 5 to talk about the release of her new book, France from the front. A publication which coincides with the revelation of the complaint for attempted sexual assault filed against her husband, Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Questioned by Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine, the journalist got annoyed. “I have faith in justice, not really in journalists”, she launched, in reference to the revelation of this complaint by our colleagues from the Parisian. Faced with these remarks, Patrick Cohen and Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine were taken aback. “The Paris prosecutor’s office will work. (…) Justice will do its job and don’t just bring me back to being Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s wife because that’s what you’ve been doing for a few minutes”, continued Anne Nivat, very upset.

We’re live and I won’t tell you anything more than it’s about my husband. Journalists from Le Parisien have released this complaint, the name of this person is circulating, she will be heard by the prosecution, my husband too, and then I can’t tell you anything else because I can’t predict the future, but believe like me in the presumption of innocence”, concluded Anne Nivat, very upset by the questions of the C team to you about her husband, Jean-Jacques Bourdin. A few minutes before, she reacted to the speech of Valérie Pécresse this Tuesday, January 18. On the set of BFMTV, the candidate of the Republicans in the presidential election wished to speak in front of her interviewer, “due to the opening of an investigation by the courts following a complaint filed against Mr. Bourdin for attempted sexual assault”.

Anne Nivat “rejects the immediate political instrumentalization and communication”

“It is up to justice to decide (the facts) and I respect the presumption of innocence”, continued Valérie Pécresse, who then wanted to say “very clearly” than “if these accusations are true, they are serious and must be condemned”. Like Valérie Pécresse, who is “frank”, Anne Nivat did not mince her words. The journalist castigated a “com coup” from the candidate for the Elysée. “I condemn the immediate political instrumentalization and the communication that happens right away”, explained the wife of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on the set of C à vous for which this speech was nothing more than a “communication exercise”. For Anne Nivat, “these are elements of language” : “She said that (that she hesitated to participate, editor’s note), but she came to the show”.


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