Jean-Jacques Goldman refused cash to write for this star, the reason revealed

Does not have the talent of Jean-Jacques Goldman who wants! While he was convinced to get a positive response, this music lover falls from above…

Jean-Jacques Goldman, more cash than ever!

Dear Objeko reader, you probably know the link between Dadju and Maitre Gims? The two brothers have at heart to tell their daily life in their artistic projects. It is for this reason that we advise you to go and see Ima. To make this feature film, you had to have patience, but above all a good dose of inspiration. It’s not always easy to explain all this to the public. This is why, sure and certain that he will find the words to appease his ills, the youngest decides to convince Jean-Jacques Goldman of the value of this project. Alas, nothing will go as planned. Objeko tells you all the details of this end of inadmissibility!

This request to Jean-Jacques Goldman is unusual…

It’s only been a few days since the film Dadju has been screened at the cinema. The action takes place in Africa and more precisely in Kinshasa. This city has always been of capital importance for Dadju since it is the land of some of his ancestors. Admittedly, he was born in the Paris region, but once he arrived, he was welcomed like a prince. Very quickly, tickets for this exceptional concert sold out like hot cakes. Disappointed at not having been able to attend, Laetitia tries to get in touch with her favorite artist. This modern-day fairy tale makes us dream. Who better than Jean-Jacques Goldman to illustrate it? Nobody…

Screenshot (c) aside (c) Canal+

Every time a showAs an aside is broadcast, Objeko empties a box of tissues. Indeed, the host manages to win the confidences of her guests in record time. Our team remembers in particular the tears of Gérard Darmon when he evokes the memory of his late friend Jean-Pierre Bacri. Recently, it was Clémentine Célarié who broke the silence about her cancer. When she learned that she was sick, she was silent. His family and even less the press will not be aware of the drama that is playing out behind the scenes. On the other hand, after defeating him, she tells us about her journey. From now on, since she knows that everything will collapse in a week, she wants to live life to the fullest… and she’s right! For the brother of Maitre Gims, having the chance to ” speak with Jean-Jacques Goldman » was a dream come true. Understanding that he will not have another opportunity, he takes his courage in both hands and asks her to « write a title !

Alas, it ended in failure!

Since he bowed out, Jean-Jacques Goldman has never adored and demanded so much. Admittedly, his early admirers still hope that an album will see the light of day. However, instead, they discover that young singers sing along to his hits. It’s better than nothing, isn’t it? Besides, Objeko challenges you to say which is your favorite. At all times, we have incredible emotions with certain titles. Very flattered by so much honor, the person concerned recently admitted that he had not been involved in the project Goldman generation he was so afraid that people would think he was back. Even if he has now left England and is in Marseille, he aspires to be quiet.

Screenshot (c) As an aside (c) Canal+

You have understood it, it is for all these reasons that he declines Dadju’s offer. As usual, Jean-Jacques remains courteous. “He answered me very kindly, telling me that he really liked what I was doing, in particular Reine, but that, unfortunately, he had stopped composing and writing. » Moreover, rumors run that after having participated in the last album of Patrick Fiori, the only one who could convince him to take up the pen again, it is Celine Dion. But given the state of René Angelil’s wife, Objeko think that tomorrow is not the day before! Faced with this cash refusal, Dadju does not express the slightest hint of bitterness. In any case, if so, he hides it well. Respectful, on tiptoe, he eliminates this hypothesis from his mind. ” He was so frank and sincere with me that I wanted to say: ‘Sorry for having disturbed you Mr Goldman’ Let these two have no doubt. Fans love them madly forever.