Jean-Jacques Goldman reveals his secret garden, all about his house in London and his villa in Marseille…

Withdrawn from showbiz for a few years, Jean-Jacques Goldman lives in a very peaceful way with his small family in a beautiful house in London. Real estate prices are very high there. Even if he lives in the English capital, the artist remains extremely attached to Marseille. Many fans would like to have details of his London and Marseille home. Objeko gives you all the details.

Goldman: fan of Marseilles and London

For the record, before settling in London, the author of the title “To our failed acts” lived in Roucas-blanc, a listed district of Marseille. There is a large isolated and quiet house. It must be said that Jean Jacques Goldman really likes this city. Thus, he regularly returns there, and this, since he settled in the British capital.

In 2016, for example, he spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Marseille with his family. And what we can say is that the one who will celebrate his 70th birthday in October 2021 quickly resumed his habits, for example his daily jogging.

Regarding his London home, the very popular French singer rents a sublime villa located in a chic suburb west of Marseille. Goldman leads a very simple life there. He’s not a money man. Besides, he has already said that he would like his children not to inherit a large sum of money when he dies. He wants individuals to build themselves. He thinks it’s healthier.

According to information from Paris Match magazine, he watches over his daughters every afternoon as soon as they have finished their lessons. Thus, very often, he also participates in the various workshops of the high school where they follow their courses. You should know that if the singer has put his career on hold, it is largely to be able to take care of his daughters as well as possible. He is a very caring father.

Very expensive rent

We know that London is one of the cities where real estate prices are reaching peaks. Regarding the singer’s beautiful London home, according to Le Figaro, the rent reaches 50,000 euros per month. Over several months, the bill is therefore very high.

But Jean-Jacques Goldman thanks to large copyrights linked to his many hits has large incomes. He has collaborated with many stars like Celine Dion or Johnny Hallyday. His texts are very popular. Le Figaro Immobilier, indicated in 2016, that the average monthly rent is €1,900. But when you want a comfortable home, you have to pay the price. Some traders in the city can earn very large incomes.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: A fulfilled man

Leading personality of the song, Goldman is a man of great talent. He is able to sing but also to compose and write lyrics. At the sentimental level, the artist lives with Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier who is a teacher.

More specifically, she is a math teacher. The two lovers saw each other for the first time, in 1995, during a concert by the artist. Goldman has figured for many years at the top of the ranking of favorite personalities of French men and women which appears each year in the Sunday newspaper.

It should be noted that at the beginning, they were just friends and gradually this bond was strengthened. A great love story was then born. They are madly in love with each other. They then married in 2001, in the Marseille city. Following this union, three daughters were born of this love. Their names are Rose, Maya and Kimi. Adorable names. The artist has already had a busy sentimental life.

Indeed, before the birth of these girls, Goldman had a first sentimental life. He is the father of Caroline, Michael and Nina. They are the result of an affair with Catherine, his first wife. Goldman has really taken the field with France. Moreover, he does not even take care of the big event that is the Enfoirés concert on TF1.

However, it was he who made sure to give enormous visibility to this concert, which made it possible to collect numerous donations for the association. According to information from the magazine France Dimanche, the artist would have made the decision to return to Marseille.