Jean-Luc Lahaye, released and placed under judicial control

Jean-Luc Lahaye, imprisoned in the health prison for “rape and sexual assault on minors over 15 years old”, has been released from prison!

Jean-Luc Lahayeindicted for “rape and sexual assault on minors over 15 years old“, been released and placed under judicial controlhas indicated CNews May 24. The singer had been detained in the prison of Health in November 2021. His lawyers, My David Apelbaum and Julia Minkowki, had issued a request for release, indicated The Parisian. In March 2022, on the singer father’s Instagram account, a video was posted. The 69-year-old singer reacted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on social media, with a terse post. It was a sober clip in which Jean-Luc Lahaye showed his support for Ukraine, posting only a ukrainian flag emoticon.

Jean-Luc Lahaye -12kg: he “spent his days crying”

Jean-Luc Lahaye, who was incarcerated in the same area of ​​the prison where the former mayor of Draveil Georges Tron is detained, was “at worst“, according to Marianne. “The one who is very badit’s the other Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc Lahaye“said a former prison inmate. “Very worried“, a relative of the interpreter of Woman that I love clarified: He spends his days cryingoften refuses to go out for walks and he has lost more than 12 kg“.

A few weeks earlier, the columnist of Do not touch My TV, Gilles Verdez, had given other information on the conditions of detention of Jean-Luc Lahaye. “He is in a nine square meter cellyou have a small kitchenette, toilet and shower, and you can have TV if you pay extra“, he had declared in the emission of Cyril Hanouna.This is a corner called VIPbecause they are individual cells“which allow”protect famous people or who are suspected of crimes“, he added.

Margaux Lahaye, indictment

Margaux, the daughter of Jean-Luc Lahaye, aged 37, was also indicted for pure tampering with witnesses and had been summoned on January 24 to be heard by the investigating judge. According to the complainants, the 30-year-old, who has become a paraplegic since an accidental fall from the balcony of a building that occurred in 2019, would have done everything to protect his fatherin 2015, when he was accused of “corruption of minor“.