Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre: the couple appear in their bath on an unpublished snapshot

End of the road trip to the United States for Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre. This June 11 on Instagram, the presenter of 12 noon shots shared a very popular snapshot with his companion, where they pose in a bathtub.

And here’s Bonnie and Clyde again. While the summer holidays have not yet started in France, Jean-Luc Reichamnn and his companion Nathalie Lecoultre have decided to offer themselves a road trip on the side of the United States. And of course, it is on the west coast of the country of Uncle Sam that the couple swallows the kilometers, on a motorcycle. A journey that allowed them to meet Cyril Hanouna’s unofficial lookalike and discover the desert landscapes of Nevada, California and the famous Yosemite National Park. A very rock’n’roll tripembellished with a few setbacks.

Like the time there was no gas at the service station! “108 degrees Fahrenheit, about 42 degrees… The tar is sinking under your soles. I have my feet and calves on fire with the furnace of the engine”, told Jean-Luc Reichmann on Instagram. It is also impossible not to mention the breakdown that occurred in the middle of the tram in San Francisco. “The blow of the breakdown in the tram in full crossroads, it is strong!”, exclaimed Nathalie Lecoultre, amused by the situation. But it is an unforgettable trip with his beauty that the presenter of the 12 strokes of noon. Unfortunately, this journey is coming to an end.

A cliché that cracks internet users

So, this Saturday, June 11, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre decided to offer themselves “a good old-fashioned bath after more than 5000 km on the bike”, as captioned on Instagram. We find the couple lying in a bathtub, kissing. The TF1 lunchtime star host wears a cowboy hat, a bandana around his neck and a bottle of whiskey in his hand. His partner, for her part, has a one-legged fishnet stocking and a revolver in the hand, while a feather scarf hides the rest. And many details are hidden in this shot, which you can discover here.

A very vintage photo, which obviously made Internet users travel to the land of cowboys. “Sublime photo”, “Little moment of tenderness to recover after this long trip”, “Wonderful trip, beautiful memory for you two”, “Nice photo of the end of the lovebirds”, “We loved this journey”, “You deserved a good bubble bath”, many commented on Internet users. A trip that the presenter and his companion will never forget!