Jean-Luc Reichmann in love with Nathalie Lecoultre: why the couple never married?

Jean-Luc Reichmann definitely has everything to be happy. For many years, he has been one of the most popular animators of the PAF, in particular thanks to the 12 noon shots. This year also marked the 12th anniversary of the TF1 program and it is clear that its success is not weakening. The game even continues to register audience scores at lunchtime, very regularly placing itself in a leading position.

It is also on the personal side that Jean-Luc Reichmann is most fulfilled. The 61-year-old host has indeed found happiness thanks to Nathalie Lecoultre, his companion for more than twenty years. Truly inseparable, they even work together on the series Leo Mattei. And when they are not on the film sets, the lovers discover the world together, as during their recent road trip to the United States. Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre therefore seem to have done everything together, except to pass the ring on their finger. In an interview given to Gala in March 2020, the host explained quite simply his decision not to get married. “I feel more free and happy this way“, he confided. And to specify: “That doesn’t mean I don’t respect our relationship. On the contrary, it is our choice for both of us. We prefer to enjoy the present moment. Don’t see anything weird about it, that’s how we love each other. (…) We are very accomplices, very complementary. (…) In a relationship of respect and elegance.

Not having married does not prevent them from forming a superb blended family. On Nathalie’s side, we know of three children born to her from a previous relationship: Léo, Lou and Lola. As for Jean-Luc Reichmann, he has already presented to the general public his daughter Rosalie, who is his spitting image, and his son Swann, both from his former idyll with Nathalie Leboutte.

If he wants to be rather discreet about this clan that he has built, Jean-Luc Reichmann has already delivered on his “old-fashioned dad” side. We say ‘hello’, we say ‘thank you’. And I pay close attention to their notes. I am connected to the school site all day. When my teenager arrives from school with his hood on his head, I don’t hesitate to set the record straight: a little elegance, a little respect! After, I am also a cool dad, a hen dad“, he explained to Gala.