Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes a candidate who threatens a woman

Jean-Luc Reichmann is an animator like there are very few on television. Indeed, who can boast of having a special place in the hearts of the French for more than 30 years? Who can boast of being at the head of one of the most popular programs on television? Perhaps no one except Nathalie Lecoultre’s companion. And it is all the more enchanting for his fans that Jean-Luc Reichmann is far from being the type to boast.

Yet he would have plenty of other reasons to be proud of himself. Especially when he makes women’s safety a priority on his set, despite the obligatory nature of entertainment and good humor on television shows. In a discreet but firm way, without spoiling the general atmosphere of the 12 strokes of noon, Jean-Luc Reichmann is intransigent with the valves of “bad taste”. Indeed, no joke should apparently play with the safety of its candidates. Objeko grant it to you, here is a remarkable attitude which will not astonish the fans of Jean-Luc Reichmann. But it is rare enough to be welcomed!

Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes a candidate, in The 12 strokes of noon

It is not because good humor is king that the host does not take care to sometimes put his candidates in their places. After all, it must be particularly stimulating to be on a television set. And all the more so in the TF1 program The 12 strokes of noon. Also, Jean-Luc Reichmann undoubtedly knows that he must manage the enthusiasm of his candidates. A sometimes overflowing enthusiasm. Indeed, it is a mixture of stress, elation and adrenaline that the participants of the 12 strokes of noon. If the defending champion has a little more time to get used to it, Objeko do not doubt that this clever cocktail remains present.

In addition, our readers and fans of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show will recognize that the attitude of the candidates plays an important role in the atmosphere of the set. A program such as this is a compendium of good humor. It wouldn’t be the same if the participants were jaded, for example. The facilitator therefore knows how to bounce back on the participants’ comments. He knows how to make the public laugh or invite the candidates to share fascinating unpublished anecdotes. He will sometimes also tease them to increase the pressure before the duels and thus allow the suspense to invite itself among the viewers. In short, it is a whole art that Jean-Luc Reichmann masters since it is naturally that he puts all these levers in place.

However, it can also work against him to set up such stimulations. But Jean-Luc Reichmann is an animation expert. He is therefore perfectly informed and will know how to react if the candidates get too carried away by the electric atmosphere of the 12 strokes of noon. However, as our colleagues from the JFD online, the host was indeed forced to put a candidate in his place.

A controlled skid, the intervention of the facilitator is unanimously welcomed

Indeed, in The 12 strokes of noon, the candidates change every day. They battle each other until only one remains. The latter candidate can then attempt to challenge the defending champion. And he himself can then take up challenges, in particular that of the mysterious star. And so it was Apollinaire, one of the challenger candidates who slipped and deserved to be reframed by Jean-Luc Reichmann. Carried away by the atmosphere of camaraderie on the set, he forgot that he did not know enough Laetitia, his opponent, to allow himself this kind of joke about him. As he was about to challenge her to a duel, he threatened her in a humorous tone.

“Watch out, I know where you are stationed!” », he told her. And even before anyone could react, Jean-Luc Reichmann intervened to underline the inadmissibility of such remarks. Indeed, even under cover of humor, there is no question that these candidates threaten each other. Nevertheless, a great professional, he managed to call Apollinaire to order without completely spoiling the atmosphere on the set. Then once, a proof that the animator of the 12 strokes of noon is one of the stars of his profession. He replied to his candidate: “Are you okay?! I’ll have to call security! ». Definitely, Objeko won’t make you say it, it’s not for nothing that Jean-Luc Reichmann is considered a lucky charm for some of his fans.