Jean-Marc Généreux met his wife France at the age of… 9!

Essential with its famous replica “I buy!” and very exuberant when he is on the set of Dance with the stars, Jean-Marc Genereux is a much more timid man in love. Interviewed by Paris Match in 2013, the choreographer revealed how he met his wife France Mousseau when he was only 9 years old. An immediate thunderbolt for the young boy who took years before daring to speak to the one who had already made a big place in his heart.

We were 9 years old, I caught a glimpse of her while driving her sister home. Her blue eyes and gorgeous hair captivated me. She didn’t give me a look. At the start of the school year, we were placed next to each other, but every weekend the girl of my dreams would go to her dance class. The only way to see her was to follow her“, he explained. Jean Marc Généreux’s vocation for dance was born. From there, the young man decided to enroll in dance to perhaps finally have the chance to spend time with his lover.

We were pushing the furniture

After several years of being together”in all friendship“, Jean Marc Généreux and France finally end up as a duo when they are 13 years old.” Every day when we came home from schoolexplained France to Paris Match. NOTWe were pushing the furniture in my parents’ small apartment and we were training with the rage to win. ” In love, the couple married in 1987 then “the prizes, the cups are linked. Canada is no longer enough for them, they embark on the international circuit“, they said at the time Paris Match.

Parents of Francesca (born in 1999) – suffering from Rett syndrome – and of Jean-Francis (born in 1996), who should have had a twin, the dancers live happily in Montreal. Interviewed by Purepeople in 2020, the one who appeared in the showSpectacular confided a few secrets about his son, a graphic designer.

He danced until he was 18 and now he is a graphic designer. This son, everything I do, he can do better, it’s magnificent. If he danced again tomorrow, he could be wonderful. Everything he touches works. He has all the skills. He’s the perfect son“, he confided with a lot of love.