Jean-Marie Bigard: his crazy revelations about his past fortune

Jean-Marie Bigard was a guest on the show Chez Jordan this Tuesday, June 7. The comedian has notably made incredible revelations about the money he has earned throughout his career, even if he admitted that he was not very economical.

A career that paid off big. This Tuesday, June 7, Jordan De Luxe received Jean Marie Bigard on his show At Jordan’s. During the interview, the host wanted to ask the host an unfiltered question. You are rich ?“, he asked her. What the husband of Lola Marois replied: I was and I am much less, it must be admitted. The reason ? His difficulties in knowing how to manage his money well. “I tend to be a bit of a sieve. I squandered all the fortune I earned on othersto do good here and there”, he confessed.

However, the comedian managed incredible performances which allowed him to make very good returns on investments. Indeed, in 2004, Jean-Marie Bigard managed to fill the Stade de France for a show. A show for which he had to put his hand in his pocket because he invested nearly five million euros. “I booked it in April to do a million-euro rehearsal. Plus four million euros. There is no longer a bulb for rent in Paris. I have two screens of 34 tons and 340m2 each. I tripled the electrical power of the stadium”continued the actor facing Jordan De Luxe, before revealing that this risk-taking had finally been a winning bet: “I had 2.3 million recipes. So I had a 2.7 million deficit when I made the Stade de France. I had planned to compensate with DVD sales. I had to sell 400,000. I sold 1.4 million. That’s why I paid myself the luxury of buying myself my Legion of Honor, which will never be given to me”.

7 million euros per year thanks to DVD sales

All these DVDs allowed Jean-Marie Bigard to accumulate a lot of money. In total, he will have sold more than eight million. And on each of them, the comedian touched a good share. “I released my show at the end of November and at the end of December, I had sold 500,000 DVDs. I had on each DVD seven euros. And then 500,000 DVDs the rest of the year. That means that each show, I earned up to 7 million euros over the year“, he revealed. But Jean-Marie Bigard could also count on his participation in the Big Heads, from which he was ousted a few months ago, to have a nice additional salary: “It was around 600 euros per show. If you go twice a week, that’s 1,200. And over four weeks, that’s 4,000 euros”. Crazy sums that are enough to make your head spin.