Jean-Marie Bigard reveals the COLOSSAL sums he has received in his career: “I squandered all the fortune I earned for others”

Guest on the Jordan De Luxe show on June 7, Jean-Marie bigard talked about the money he made during his career. You are rich ?“, asked the host Jordan De Luxe.

I I was and I am much less so, it must be admitted (…) I tend to be a bit of a sieve. I squandered all the fortune I earned on others, to do good here and there“, said the comedian whose remarks were relayed by Closer.

Even though bigard managed to fill the Stade de France in 2004, ithe invested a lot of money to make this show happen. I booked it in April to do a million-euro rehearsal. Plus four million euros. There is no longer a bulb for rent in Paris. I have two screens of 34 tons and 340 m² each. I tripled the electrical power of the stadium”, detailed the man.

But in the end, the investment was worth it… “I had 2.3 million recipes. So I had 2.7 million deficits when I made the Stade de France. I had planned to compensate with DVD sales. I had to sell 400,000. I sold 1.4 million. That’s why I paid myself the luxury of buying myself my Legion of Honor, which will never be given to me.“.

According to Closer, Jean-Marrie bigard reportedly sold over eight million DVDs in his career.I released my show at the end of November and at the end of December, I had sold 500,000 DVDs. I had on each DVD 7 euros. And then 500,000 DVDs the rest of the year. That means that each show, I earned up to 7 million euros over the year“.

He was also paid to participate in the Big Heads.It was around 600 euros per show. If you go twice a week, that’s 1,200. And over four weeks, that’s 4,000 euros“.