Jean-Marie Bigard talks about his relationship with alcohol

We know that Jean-Marie Bigard does not have his tongue in his pocket. It is for this reason that, for several years, it has crystallized both hatred and passion. But this time, the time was not a rant for the comedian. Indeed, this Friday, June 10, he was the guest of Jordan Deluxe. For the occasion, he gave himself up with an open heart to the readers of Télé-Loisirs. In particular, he mentioned his excessive alcohol consumption. The least we can say is that at the time, he had a real addiction to alcohol: “There was a time when I had a good rhythm. On Gérard Depardieu’s scale, I was 8. I drank four or five bottles of wine a day.“.

Jean-Marie Bigard absolute fan of wine

It must be said that Jean-Marie Bigard is a big fan of wine. Indeed, is also associated with winegrowers from the Pays d’Oc to place their bottles in Parisian restaurants. But a few years ago, by dint of drinking it, he became an alcoholic. And even when he was in the hospital between life and death, the comedian needed to drink wine:“I was between life and death in the American hospital. Do you know there’s room service? A guy with a small vest. And I ordered my bottle of wine. It happened to me, barely after drinking two small glasses of wine, to go and throw them up in the toilet ».

Jean Marie Bigard

During his interview with Jordan de Luxe, Jean Marie Bigard explains that during his youth, he was far from these excesses. Indeed, until his thirties, he did not drink, or hardly any. It must be said that he was a good level handball player. At the time, he was playing in National 2, the fifth French division. And the comedian was then satisfied with a post-match drink: “I have an almost normal liver”. He concludes his remarks, recalling that he is not in favor of alcohol and the dangers it can represent. Good to make that clear.