Jean-Marie Le Pen reveals the astronomical amount of his retirement… in 5 figures!

Far from the political scene, Jean-Marie Le Pen has agreed to answer without language of wood to the questions of Jordan de Luxe. Ouch, it stings…

Jean-Marie Le Pen more cash than ever!

Screenshot (c) Jordan de Luxe (c) Chez Jordan

Jordan de Luxe is on the rise. After being official on the channel for a long time Non Stop People, Télé-Loisirs offers him a contract he can’t refuse. The least we can say is that celebrities are jostling to be there. And it’s not just the regulars of the former format. Even former far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen agrees to answer his questions, including the most intimate ones. By putting his past, but also his present on the table, he will surprise more than one!

From the heritage to the horse, there is only one step!

Where does Jean-Marie Le Pen’s fortune come from? For some time, journalists from The Obs mention Hubert Lambert. This cement specialist had boundless admiration for Marine’s dad. He pays him back and watches over him in good and bad times. This is why, just before the entrepreneur delivers his last breath, he summons his notary. Against all odds, he changes his will in favor of the politician. In the mid-1970s, when his party was still in its infancy, he was at the head of a capital he did not even suspect existed!

But these 30 million euros are not the only gift made to Jean-Marie Le Pen. This ” gigantic Napoleon III style mansion » he will make it the seat of his party. For those who don’t know and if you want to locate it on a map of the Paris region, it is located ” in Saint Cloud in the park of Montretout“. What a strange name for a domain!

Facing Jordan, Jean-Marie Le Pen makes a strange confession about his relationship with money. Contrary to what one might think, he is not so giddy as if. Apart from that day when he almost lost everything. ” I put 10,000 old francs on a horse, I barely did it, I regretted it, I said to myself, my god, you’re crazy (…) and it was [le mien] who won, and I won 80,000 francs. » The calculations are quickly made and the observation is final. “So that’s eight times a bet. I had the wisdom not to play again.

Is Jean-Marie Le Pen’s retirement reasonable?

After consulting his notes, Jordan gathers his courage. Rare are the journalists to have the opportunity to meet and chain cash questions to a politician of this caliber. As if to justify himself, the presenter specifies that he usually asks it… so why would he make an exception? ” When your name is Jean-Marie Le Pen, how many pensions do you receive?“. In other times, he would probably have sent him on the roses. But who knows why dear readerObjeko, not this time ! Three years ago, he felt he had to give up his place. With his banter that we know at your fingertips, he only slips the amount “is not abused ” and even ” widely deserved. Holy him! We are not going to change it today!

Pressed to give an exact amount, he willingly lends himself to the exercise. ” It must be around 12,000 euros I believe.“. And to complete: “I have a professional pension and [celle] of deputy. » As a reminder, if we add the duration of the European and French mandates, that’s almost half a century! And you what do you think ?

While her eldest is running for the succession of Emmanuel Macron, she has never done so well in the polls. See you on April 10 for the results of this first round, like no other. Despite the conflicts between father and daughter, there is no doubt that the patriarch will have his eyes glued to his screen to find out live if Marine has achieved his goal.

Thank you to our colleagues from L’Obs and to Jordan de Luxe