Jean-Marie Le Pen unveils his huge retirement “at 12,000 euros”, widely deserved according to him!

Jordan de Luxe is becoming a serious animator in the French audiovisual country. While the journalist moved in the shadows, in his program broadcast on Non Stop People, he entered the big leagues. For several months, he has been at the head of a new format, “At Jordan’s”, on Téléloisirs. And his interviews, with various personalities, are increasingly covered by the media. Especially in Do not touch My TV. Moreover, last night, at Hanouna, a columnist swung the crazy affair of his ex-girlfriend with Alain Delon. This Monday, March 21, Jordan received Jean-Marie Le Pen, to discuss many topics, including the candidate for the 2022 presidential election, his daughter, Marine. But also the difficulty for his children, to bear this family name, with a heavy past.

His “well-deserved” retirement

“It was particularly sensitive for the second, Yann, who was probably more fragile psychologically. At one point, she even skipped school. When we noticed it, she said to us: the children at school make me miserable “, said the founder of the National Front, a historic far-right party. Before entering the field of money. “I always have a question that I ask my guests, and I’m going to ask it to you, when your name is Jean-Marie Le Pen, how much pension do you get? »indeed asked him Jordan Deluxe. After a long silence, the 94-year-old replied bluntly, “It must be around 12,000 euros I believe”, he revealed. Before going into detail, “I have a professional pension, and I have my pension as a Member of Parliament, I was a European Member of Parliament for 35 years, and a French Member of Parliament for 10 years, to which I contributed. I retired at 91, so it’s not abused”he added.

“Is it a deserved retirement? »then asked the host. “Oh well, yes! », replied Jean-Marie Le Pen, laughing. Stating that he was not a spendthrift, but ” reasonable “. As for his “biggest blow of madness” financial, he confessed: “I played one day, at the races (…) I put 10,000 old francs on a horse, I barely did it, I regretted it, I said to myself, my god, you are crazy (… ) and it was my horse that won, and I won 80,000 francs, so eight times per bet, and I had the wisdom not to play again”revealed the father of Marine Le Pen.