Jean-Michel Blanquer in Ibiza: what the government accuses him of

Jean-Michel Blanquer made his mea culpa after the revelation of his vacation in Ibiza, a few days before the start of the school year. A case that shakes the walls of the ministry, as revealed by Le Parisien on January 19.

January 2, the day before school starts. After two years of applying the various government decisions to fight against Covid-19, teachers and parents of students discovered the new measures of the Ministry of National Education. And it was Jean-Michel Blanquer himself who announced the content in The Parisian, just a few hours before classes resume. Faced with this umpteenth protocol, a vast strike movement took place in the schools on January 13, and a second would be scheduled for January 20.

And to the anger of the strikers has just been added a new hobbyhorse: the holidays of Jean-Michel Blanquer. Because these sanitary measures, the Minister of National Education announced them from his vacation spot in Ibiza. Information revealed by Médiapart on January 17 which caused an uproar on the Web. Within hours, the hashtag #Ibiza topped trends on Twitter, while Anna Cabana’s husband was forced to give his mea culpa twice. First in the National Assembly on January 18, indicating regret “the symbolism” from his vacation, then at 8 p.m. on TF1.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, on the razor’s edge?

But on the side of Matignon, it’s a different story. As revealed The Parisian this Wednesday, January 19, the government had strongly discouraged” to the minister this escapade in the Balearic Islands. And the atmosphere is really not looking good. “In terms of the law and the rules, the minister made no mistake. But in terms of setting an example, we are clearly not in the nails”, insists an adviser from Matignon. And one thing is certain, the reproaches fuse from the side of the ministry.

It’s not great in terms of image for Emmanuel Macron in the last straight line before his candidacy”, “if the bullshit could stop that would be great”, pronounced some intimates of the ministry. While Jean-Michel Blanquer preferred to avoid Gilles Bouleau’s question on Tuesday January 18 concerning a possible resignation, the story is slightly different on the government side. “One news chases another. If the subject Blanquer serializes, with photos, there on the other hand it will have to be replaced”, asserted a member of En Marche. A case far from over.