Jean-Pascal Zadi: who is his wife Camille Moulonguet?

Freshly arrived on Netflix with the series En place, Jean-Pascal Zadi delivers himself to the open heart in the magazine of the World. The “simply black” actor notably reveals the identity of his wife, Camille Moulonguet.

Boosted by the colossal success of simply black in the midst of a pandemic, the career of Jean-Pascal Zadi took off for good, as evidenced by his many high-profile film appearances last year. By Michel Hazanavicius (Cut!) to Quentin Dupieux (Smoking makes you cough), the 42-year-old actor floods French comedies with his flow. A passion inherited from his passion for the humor of Louis de Funès, the stunts of Bébel and the acrobatics of Pierre Richard who rocked his childhood in the suburbs of Caen. Later, Camille Moulonguet, his wife, introduced him to the actor in Breathless and Pierrot le Fou, by Jean-Luc Godard“, writes the journalist Benoît Hopquin in his portrait.

At the turn of a line is revealed the identity of the one who shares the life of Jean-Pascal Zadi. Camille Moulonguet, So. Of Basque origin, mother of her four children (aged 1 month to 12 years). But also his co-producer via the company Douze Doigts Productions, created in 2008. The two lovebirds met while Jean-Pascal Zadi was desperately looking for work “to make ends meet”. Camille Moulonguet, journalist, then knocked on his door to offer him to make a short program for television. “Camille opened my eyes and mind on many things“, explains Jean-Pascal Zadi, happy as ever while his series is a hit on Netflix.

This first career which was decisive in the life of Jean-Pascal Zadi

The cinema did not impose itself as an evidence in the life of Jean-Pascal Zadi. “You can hang out with white people, but you’re black: your life will never be the same as everyone else’s“, repeated his mother to him. The daily life of the future director changes overnight when his brothers initiate him to hip hop culture. “Rap was the gateway to the world and self-awarenesssays Jean-Pascal Zadi. Nobody, neither at school nor on TV, anywhere in society, nobody really had told us that we had possibilities and that we were capable of doing things. Rap, yes. It was decisive in my life.From his rap years remain a nickname (MacZ), an ephemeral group (La Cellule) and an intact taste for the catchy word.