Jean-Philippe Wauthier single again?

It’s at good evening this summer we learned the identity of the new spouse of Jean-Philippe Wauthier.

It was her stylist, Emmanuelle Rochon. She also made an appearance on the show, which you can see again here.

The latter also works with Julie Snyder. So, during his passage on the Wauthier show, the demoness took the opportunity to tease him cheerfully about his relationship. All the details here.

Obviously, the couple would no longer be together if we rely on the wishes that Jean-Sébastien Girard made to Jean-Philippe Wauthier just before Christmas.

On their radio show, The day (is still young)on ICI Première, the columnist said: ” I you [Jean-Philippe Wauthier] wish a lasting romantic relationship, I wish him to go live with his next girlfriend in space, so with weightlessness, he will not be able to let her down. »

As the three friends tend to tease each other quite raw on the airwaves, Jean-Philippe Wauthier took it with a laugh, even if the wishes were followed by silence.

Ayoy! “, launched Élise Guilbault, also in the studio. ” Now that’s funny! »

We could see Jean-Philippe Wauthier this Saturday duringNew Years Live. He was there for his friends Jean-Sébastien Girard and Paul Houde. Relive this evening in pictures here.