Jean-Pierre Pernaut “fan of 12 noon shots”: Nathalie Marquay pays him a vibrant tribute on the show

On the set of 12 noon shots: the fight of the masters, this Saturday evening, Nathalie Marquay made an appearance, and notably revealed that her late husband was a fan of the show, and of a candidate in particular. Jean-Luc Reichmann showed a surprising video archive.

This Saturday evening was the final of 12 strokes of noon: the fight of the masters. Surprisingly, exceptionally the game did not take place at noon but well in the first part of the evening, this Saturday. It must be said that this day is very special : it is indeed the twelfth birthday of the show. For the occasion, the ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc and the filmmaker Olivier Baroux participated, alongside the best candidates of the show. On the program, as usual, questions of general knowledge and speed are at the rendezvous. But, exceptional evening obliges, every twelve minutes, the spectators have the possibility of win a check for… €12,000. Something to delight more than one. But that’s not all, since many personalities have succeeded on the scene.

“Bravo from my man up there”

And the arrival of the first celebrity enchanted the public, since it was Nathalie Marquay, the widow of the late TF1 13H presenter Jean-Pierre Pernaut. On the occasion of a question of general culture posed by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the spectators were able to learn that the star journalist had bequeathed his name… to a rose. The opportunity for his wife to reveal how JPP was attached to the showloyalty to TF1 obliges: “Jean-Pierre was a fan of the 12 noon shots”. And to specify: “From one candidate in particular, Xavier, who he always wondered, ‘How does he know so much?’ She therefore wanted to congratulate him: “Bravo from my man up there”, she continued, her eyes raised to the sky.

Jean-Luc Reichmann took advantage of Nathalie Marquay’s visit to present an archive: that of his coronation as Miss France 1987. An evening qualified as “lunar” by the presenter, which has a lot make laugh the former beauty queen. “Yes, everyone was drunk”, she even added. A nice moment of fun. Nathalie Marquay is currently at the Alhambra theater, in the play The joker uncles, before a tour that will take him until 2023.