Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his son Olivier shares touching photos, “lots of memories come back”

Olivier, the son of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, shared this April 26 on Instagram several photos of their Tour Auto 2017. A publication loaded with memories for the young man.

Since the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on March 2, tributes to the historic presenter of TF1’s 1 p.m. continue to abound. Their children, LouTom and Olivier, active on social networks, bring their father’s memory to life by sharing photos of the journalist, and by recounting the way in which they grieve. Olivier Pernaut, 41, shared a passion for car racing with his father. The young man from the union of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Dominique Bonnethas made it his profession.

In mourning, the pilot shared this April 26 several shots of the race he had done with his father five years earlier, during the Auto lap, an event for fans of vintage cars and rally history. While the 2022 edition of the Tour began with an exhibition on Monday April 25, Olivier Pernaut wanted to remember these moments of complicity that he keeps in memory, in a very moving Instagram post.

Olivier Pernaut: “A lot of memories come back”

In legend, the young man, now the father of a little Leo, took the opportunity to share his feelings: “5 years ago we were going to take thanks to @optic2000_officiel the start of our first @tourauto with dad […] what an adventure […] !!! Thank you for everything. Obviously 5 years later, lots of memories come back.“, he writes, supported by his subscribers. He ends by wishing a “Good road to all“to the new participants who start on April 26. A nice message that those close to Jean-Pierre Pernaut and his fans will appreciate.


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