Jean Reno confides in his friendship with Johnny: “That’s when I said goodbye to him”

The actor of the “Big Blue” lent his voice for the audioguide of the Johnny Hallyday exhibition, in Brussels. For this occasion, he confided in his grief linked to the disappearance of the famous rocker.

Jean Reno is undoubtedly one of Johnny’s closest friends, he is also the godfather of Jade, the adopted daughter of the singer and his wife Laeticia. It is therefore not surprising that he agreed to lend his voice, both in French and in English, for the audioguides of the Johnny Hallyday Exposition.

He accepted this proposal as a tribute to his late friend, with the aim of sharing his memories with visitors. Jean Reno was also one of the few people to have seen Johnny a few days before his death. The actor confided in our colleagues from Parisian. “The office is where I said goodbye to him. I touched her hand and said, ‘I’ll see you at Christmas. He looked at me and didn’t answer me […]. It was early December. Four days later, Laeticia called me, he was gone… When I saw him again, in the burning chapel, he was embalmed, in a box. It was brutal!”he explains.

The pain of the disappearance of his friend is still vivid. “The last day of recording, when I tell the end of his life, it was difficult. There were a lot of memories…”he adds.

Jean Reno also remembers the day of the funeral, a difficult time to live. The procession would have been particularly painful: “We were going down the Champs Élysées so slowly towards the Madeleine, people were a few centimeters away, they were shouting their suffering and calling out to us, ‘Thank you for being there’… I didn’t know what to say to them”.