Jean Yanne “odious”, “Elvis Presley in the head”, “Gray hair” (And what made him “suffer”)

Old age” ? Sophie Garel celebrates her 80th birthday on April 22. After having made the big hours of the radio for almost 30 years, the former companion of Jean Yanne (who is the father of her son Thomas), who was also a columnist in Laurent Ruquier’s TV shows, looks back with lucidity and a certain form of lightness!

It is under the name of Lucienne Garcia than the one who would later become Sophie Garel was born in Algeria on April 22, 1942. She grows up under the sun of Oran and quickly discovers his vocation which is not what we imagine. “At 10-12 years old, I wanted to be an actress“, she explained to Telepro in 2015.

But her fate quickly catches up with her: at 17, she was hired as an announcer on Tele-Oran, which has just been created. “Television settled in my country, and we came to look at the Conservatory people who weren’t too “naughty”“, added Sophie Garel still in Telepro.

But 3 years later the war broke out, synonymous with exodus for the young woman who settles in Marseilles where she integrates Monte Carlo TV. It’s the beginning of a beautiful and crazy adventure because she will then integrate European 1 and, above all, to RTL where she will stay for twenty-eight years and meet big names like Georges de Caunes, Michel Drucker, Philippe Bouvard and Fabrice. She also briefly became a singer and took part in the Concours Eurovision song with Chris Baldo in 1968 performing the song: We will live on love. The song finished in 11th place out of 17.

An enchanted parenthesis, but radio is his favorite field. “We had total freedom and it sometimes turned into delirium“, she confided to the Parisian. She also meets a certain Jean Yanne there who becomes her companion and who gives her a son Thomas, born in 1970 and who has become a musician.

Sophie Garel: “Jean Yanne was odious”

A relationship that leaves a bitter taste. “It was complicated! It was hardly bearable. When we talk about someone who died, we say he was brilliant, funny. He was hateful! Well, that’s a big word, but he was the one calling the shots. Afterwards he calmed down because all the young ladies who arrived behind, and God knows they came in droves, I have the impression that he caressed them better in the direction of the hair (…) It was demanding, severe (…) He was blocking me and we had a story that ended a little badly because he left once, then permanently. So it’s sad“. had confided the radio host in The luxury moment on Non Stop People.

Sophie Garel, animal lover

At the end of the 1970s, Sophie Garel once again turned to the small screen. In 1978, she hosted a show about animals called Between dogs and cats on Télé-Luxembourg then Atoukado with Fabrice then Georges Beller on RTL Television and RTL-TVI. Always alongside Fabrice, her great accomplice, she also presents the game Business is business on Canal+. But she continues her way on the radio until 1994 where the cleaver falls: it is pushed to the exit by RTL.

Sophie Garel, rookie from Ruquier and Big Head

As with Bouvard today, or Max Meynier and Anne-Marie Peysson yesterday, I was told that we had to leave room for young people“, she told the Parisian. At the time she was only 58 years old and still had busy days thanks to her art history course at the Ecole du Louvreits sessions of painting in his house in Provence and his grandchildren. They are all the more so since television has not abandoned it, at least not yet. Until June 2007, she was a columnist in We tried everything then in We haven’t said everything programs hosted by Laurent Ruquier. She then moved away from radio and television studios and returned to The Big heads June 11, 2021 for the 100th anniversary of the radio still hosted by Laurent Ruquier.

Elvis Presley in the head

At 80, Sophie Garel is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement even if the passing years are heavy to bear.I can’t stand old age because it hurts (…) I find it hard to get up and sit down (…) That’s old age: it’s not gray hair , which I fully assume.she explained to Jordan De Luxe on Non Stop People in March 2021. The former radio host took her troubles patiently during the confinement that she spent away from her two children and her three grandchildren, but she did not been marked more than that by the pandemic of Covid-19. “The only thing that bothered me about this story was that they made me feel like I was old (…) when in my head, I had Elvis Presley !”, explained; laughing; the one who will keep the humor pegged to the body.